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Captains Flat Hotel, CAPTAINS FLAT, NSW

Captains Flat Hotel
51 Foxlow Street
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The Captains Flat Hotel opened its doors in 1937 during the mining boom and is the last survivor of five hotels. It once boasted the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere which is still there and if you ask Kirsty she might show you.
You'll also find great food ,accomodation, history and hospitality.

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Comments (3)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

This Hotel is now under new owners! Provide much better service and great meals and drinks!

Gerko's picture

Gerko (not verified)

We drove well out of our way to go there and look at the longest bar. We wanted a meal and a drink but the lady behind the bar took one look at out 9yo and told us brusquely "kids only outside" which considering it was raining was not an option, so we turned around and left and they missed getting our purchases. I thought kids are allowed if dining and the place was empty anyway.

GG's picture

GG (not verified)

The hotel is now under new management and kids are welcome, normal licensing laws apply but kids can be in the dining area. Hope to see you back for a far more enjoyable visit.

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