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Royal Hotel, CARCOAR, NSW

Royal Hotel
Belubula Street
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About Royal Hotel: 

The Royal Hotel Carcoar DINNER, BED AND BREAKFAST is a historic hotel steeped in old world charm and nestled in the quaint main street of Carcoar NSW, a National Trust classified village. It is the perfect place to escape and relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stroll at your leisure through the picturesque village streets and admire the variety of beautifully restored sandstone buildings, churches and homes. Breathe in clean country air, absorb the peaceful sounds of village life and imagine yourself in a time long since passed when the pace of life was easier.

The newly renovated Royal Hotel Carcoar DINNER, BED AND BREAKFAST offers hotel-style accommodation, perfectly suited to work retreats, functions, weddings and groups, or simply a weekend away with friends. Delicious fine food and wine is served a-la-carte style in the restaurant, or you can enjoy a range of beers from the bar. Packages are available.

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