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Iron Horse Inn Hotel, CARDIFF, NSW

Iron Horse Inn Hotel
Harrison Street & Main Road
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About Iron Horse Inn Hotel: 

A fantastic pub located right in the heart of Cardiff.
Perfect for a quick lunch, family dinner or special occasion.. The House of Schnitzel never disappoints with the best value meals around!
If you're looking to catch up with friends for an afternoon beer or getting together for a night of live entertainment and fun - The Iron Horse is the place to be!
Come in to watch the footy or UFC on our big screen, catch all racing the action in our public bar or relax with the laid back atmosphere in the sports bar!

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Comments (3)

Don's picture

Don (not verified)

Woolworth's in there wisdom have taken the curtesy bus away
Where is the duty of care for the remaining patrons . Once again
The punters suffer from some wousers decision that never leaves
His office

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

The curtesy bus has been moved to another
Woolworth's pub at nobodyis saying
They should not have one , just have one of there
Own.the only thing will be left will be a bottle
Shop.the only pub in the suburb will be lost

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

iron horse is pretty crap now only 1 band a week and its normally 1 or 2 members no karaoke failing pub

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