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The Basement
29 Reiby Place
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02) 9252 3007
About The Basement: 

The Basement takes it live from centre stage 6-7 nights of the week.

You can come along just for the music or you can make a proper night of it by taking in both dinner and show where, included in one price you get entry to some hot music, and an excellent 2 course meal. So, instead of worrying about whether you can manage to fit in a meal at a restaurant somewhere else and get to the show on time, you can make life and your evening simple by doing it all in one place.
Serving up an unpretentious yet scrumptious menu, The Basement offers delicious, fresh meals from a distinctly modern Australian cuisine. To suit both your taste buds and your budget, you can choose from meals in either the restaurant or from our Bistro menu.

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Anonymous (not verified)

My partner bought tickets for The Cat Empire show at the Basement 15 May 2011, as a gift for me. I am a regular there, going to shows every few weeks. We were shown to a table that was 90% obscured from the stage. Nothing was mentioned about this at the time of the booking. If it was, my lady would have booked another show. The staff were not particularly concerned, simply shrugging it off, as the night was a sell out and telling us we must have been the last to book. We discovered later that other couples had been told the same thing - we actually booked within minutes of the tickets going on sale. The reason I have liked the Basement over the years is that it provides a close up, intimate place to see great music. As a musician myself, I really enjoy seeing what's going on, small nuances and interactions etc. When the show started we also found that the sound was poor in our location, and that side stage lighting blinded our tiny view. We left during the second song. We again explained at the door, both of us so utterly disapointed. There was little sympathy, not even any attempt to placate us, offer us a complimentary drink or anything else. After being a devoted Basement patron for over 37 years, I will not be back again.

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