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Bushranger Hotel, COLLECTOR, NSW

Bushranger Hotel
24 Church Street
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About Bushranger Hotel: 

The Bushranger Hotel was built in 1860 and originally called Kimberley's Commercial Hotel - it was one of 5 inns that originally thrived in the city of Collector, NSW - the hotel was renamed after the notorious bushrangers, following the historic events of January 26th, 1865.

Today the Bushranger Hotel is the sole survivor of the 5 original inns of Collector. The hotel has a magnificent display of guns and swords from the era, plus sketches and a classic portrait of gang-leader Ben Hall. Offering the hospitality of a country pub and the opportunity of experiencing an Australian historical landmark, the Bushranger Hotel has been fully refurbished to provide the perfect combination of modern day amenities with an 1860s atmosphere.

The historic Collector is located on the Federal Hwy between Sydney and Canberra, and is only 20 minutes from Goulburn and 40 minutes from Canberra. Collector also boasts the Lynwood cafe, local arts and crafts galleries as well as fine local wineries.

So if you're in the area, spare a thought for Constable Nelson and pop into the Bushranger Hotel - you can have a drink and check out the extensive display of old firearms and memorabilia. The hotel offers a variety of rooms, and you can request a reservation to fully experience the 1860s atmosphere. If you have any enquiries/feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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Reviews (1)

Tina Darmody's picture
Tina Darmody

New owner should be ashamed of himself

4 years 5 months ago

As many would be aware that the Bushranger Hotel in Collector was for sale by Norm and Di not too long ago.

This beautiful Pub was bought by a Wealthy Sydney Quarry owner that had no idea how to run a Pub.

The sad thing is, Yesterday was the day he closed the doors on this famous historic venue and left the community with nothing. This was the place were the locals could form a group and have a cold beer together.

What makes me mad is that he did not care!!!!!!! Stay away from our town


Comments (3)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

While the food here has improved somewhat since the reopening, the menus is still very limited and the portion sizes are not in line with country pub expectations. Quality is acceptable, but not exceptional. - every customer is an opportunity to get delight and more business, either by exceptional quality, presentation, atmosphere or value. Unfortunately the bushranger just misses in all areas.

The lounge (which was always a lovely area to kick back and have a drink, with a few tables for meals) is now a defacto dining room, crowded with undressed cheap tables and dominated by a huge TV- no idea why as there was no sound to it.

Meals have to be collected at the command of a buzzer system, more suited to a 500 seat bistro than a small country pub - especially when you have to navigate through the above mentioned dining room.

Bangers and Mash brings to mind a hearty helping of big plump sausages, a large and luxurious bed of potato and a gallon or two of rich brown gravy, not a couple of albino chipolattas and a skerrick of mash hiding behind a pea. Apparently no bread available in the place, fresh, toasted, garlic or otherwise.

While mine hosts are engaging and pleasant it may be that other staff could be reminded that a smile costs nothing, and even if you are very busy the customers will react more amenably if you can at least maintain the appearance of civility.

While pricing is in line with other establishments, value for money wise, a trip to the Loaded Dog at Tarago, the Astor or Hibernian in Goulburn or the Lake George at Bungendore would, most unfortunately for Collector, be a happier experience.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

We drove out there today for a Sunday jaunt out of Canberra - new owners who are doing a lovely job already. We had other dinner plans in town but will head back out next weekend, and tell friends for sure. Shaping up nicely!

Danielle Woodard's picture

Danielle Woodard (not verified)

My Aunty and Uncle Jimmy and Roz Quirk used to own the Bushranger 21 years ago. I can remember going there when i was younger. It still looks the same outside, an absolute gorgeous place to go to and visit. Would really love to go back one day and see how things have changed.

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