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The Darlo Bar/Royal Sovereign Hotel, DARLINGHURST, NSW

The Darlo Bar/Royal Sovereign Hotel
Darlinghurst Road
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About The Darlo Bar/Royal Sovereign Hotel: 

The Darlo Bar/Royal Sovereign Hotel has long been considered a community lounge room, and a funky lounge room at that.
With parasols decorating the upstairs outdoor area in cheerful shades of pink and orange, and kitch wrought iron furniture you are automatically transported away from the day's troubles as soul and chilled beats pour out, kissing your troubles away with each lick of liquor. However you can complete relax on many of the tables or low sofa's indoors and take a load off.
The Darlo provides a food running service with some of the local cafes and restaurants so that you don't even have to leave the comfort of the lounge to get something to eat.

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