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Earlwood Hotel, EARLWOOD, NSW

Earlwood Hotel
Homer Street & Earlwood Avenue
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About Earlwood Hotel: 

Earlwood Hotel is located in Sydney's South West area, only 20 minutes from the city. From locals to new comers the Hotel provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a great place to visit.

Our front bar, also known as our public bar, is home to our big screen TV's which provide great live sport viewing. The second bar is the Saloon Bar and bustles with the busy jukebox and pool tables. The bar flows out onto the newly introduced outdoor area and is a fantastic venue for your next private function.

The outdoor area has an industrial stainless steel BBQ that provides the cooking for our popular $10 steaks. Why not enjoy the experience and come down with a few mates, cook your own steaks and relax with a beer or wine.

The hotel's bottle shop has a wide selection of beverages and stays open for longer hours on the weekend, so we can cater for all your needs.

It is a great hotel and will continue to be, so why don't you come and check us out.

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