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Fat Lamb Hotel, EUGOWRA, NSW

Fat Lamb Hotel
Broad Street
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About Fat Lamb Hotel: 

This hotel is situated on the site of the John Bull Inn, established in the 1860s.

Located in Broad St Eugowra, this classic Aussie Pub provides a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The Fat Lamb Hotel has seven fully refurbished rooms with TV, tea and coffee facilities and air conditioning, all at reasonable rates

In 1866 Hanbury Clements constructed a pise building with a shingle roof. This was the first commercial building in the township of Eugowra.

Mr. James Thompson leased the building from Hanbury Clements, obtained a liquor licence and opened The Eugowra Hotel.

In 1866 the building was surrounded by scrub, and stood alone for about 9 years. It became a haven for teamsters, and some would camp in the street where they lit their fires. The name of one of the teamsters was Greenhalgh, a familiar name around Eugowra today.

In 1872 rooms were added to the rear of the building to accommodate the first Post Office which opened in 1873. By that time the name of the hotel had been changed to The John Bull Inn. The Hotel licencee John Luraschi, also became the Postmaster.

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