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Figtree Hotel, FIGTREE, NSW

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47 Princes Highway
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There is nothing better than kicking back at your local and enjoying a yarn with mates. Our Bar, Bistro and VIP Lounge are open for your enjoyment, so please drop on in anytime!

The entire Figtree Hotel team would like to thank the community for your continued support during recent times.

We recommend you utilise our booking system below to prebook your visit for guaranteed good times.

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Reviews (1)

Brian's picture

First time

7 years 2 months ago

I've been to a few pubs and clubs but I must say this is one I and my family will return to next time where here at Wollongong. The service was great and the meals were excellent. Thank you guys it was a very pleasant experience. Regards Brian Prentice

We stayed down the road at the sovereign so can't rate accommodation.


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Melissa's picture

Melissa (not verified)

We were visiting Figtree and had saturday lunch @ pub, excellent! Returned again for sunday night dinner, excellent! except ran out of scotch fillet steak which hubby was very disappointed. I had chicken pesto penne pasta. YUMMM! GET A WEBSITE UP AND RUNNING..... IT WOULD BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS AND PATRONAGE BETTER.

Food was great and so was the service was great BUT they havnt a website for booking their resturant and viewing their menu!! They would get more business is they had a menu up so people can recommend it and so locals can see what to order befor ethey arrive. Come on Figgy Pub get with the times.........

Michael's picture

Michael (not verified)

Just agreeing with Jules. Figgy Pub, you could do with a webpage and have whats on and a Menu and operating hrs and bottleshop specials. your locals would bookmark you and regularly check up.
Good luck

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

What Pub in Nsw takes Tooheys off tap and replaces it with cider when 40% of the patrons drink Tooheys.This is the problem when you get yuppie Sydney Bar managers coming in to run the show.If they think poker machines will increase their clinentel they are in for a rude shock. Now they have taken off the live Fri night music . What a bunch of wankers.I have been a regular patron (most days) for the last 38 years and slowly watched them stuff up a good little pub. The pub is going down the toilet, they havent been able to fix the toilets for the last 6years no bloody wonder.

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