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Gulargambone Hotel, GULARGAMBONE, NSW

Gulargambone Hotel
18 Bourbah Street
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02 - 6825 1417
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Located in the centre of town. Restaurant & counter meals available, beer garden. A quiet friendly country hotel.

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Reviews (1)

Earnie's picture

Counter meals....but only if they feel like making them

7 years 3 months ago

We were visiting Gulargambone on 22 Nov 2016 and rang the local pub to see what time they opened and asked if they served counter meals, they reply I received and I quote:

"How many people, we said two, she replied.. ahh nah not making them today but 2828 serves them" The lady was quite abrupt.

2828 is a cafe there but she neglected to tell us it wasnt open today.

We would have spent a couple of hundred dollars there by eating, drinking and playing the pokies, well they lost that and this same story will go on evety caravanning site in Australia.

If you advertise you serve meals, then serve them.. very poor way to treat visitors to a town that is struggling to survive, relying on grey nomads and other travellers to put money into the place. Buy yourself a 6 pack and go back to the van park and give the pub a miss, the beer is piss poor and the service isnt much better.

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