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Centennial (Hanley's) Hotel, HELENSBURGH, NSW

Centennial (Hanley's) Hotel - image 1
Park & Walker Streets
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About Centennial (Hanley's) Hotel: 

Today the Centennial Hotel is a popular watering hole in the small Helensburgh community and, although situated on the border of two of NSW's largest cities, is typical of many country pubs. The Centennial is well worth the drive and serves great counter lunches and, of course, plenty of cold beer

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Comments (3)

Ron Crouse's picture

Ron Crouse (not verified)

I enjoyed the evening I spent there at the hotel drinking with the locals. Thanks for allowing me to have a room for the night!

ron finnerty's picture

ron finnerty (not verified)

Hi, this is Ron Finnerty friend of Dicky Blanch, i have stayed with you several times in the past the last time was 2 years ago!! i was hoping to be able to stay awhile with you from 27/01/2012 for 3 nights maybe four.
Could you please email me with the rates and availability ASAP so i can book, also would i have to book in advance?? as i would rather pay you wheni arrive.....many thanks Ron

jamee's picture

jamee (not verified)

Hello im just wondering if you could tell me how much would it cost to book in for a day??

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