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Royal Hotel, HILL END, NSW

Royal Hotel
Beyers Avenue
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About Royal Hotel: 


The Royal Hotel was one of twenty seven hotels build in Hill End duringh the 1870's to cater for the booming population which Hill End experienced during the gold rush era.

This building was built in 1872 and remains as the only hotel standing at Hill End. As of June 2007 the premises were purchased and are now under new management. If you are looking for a peacefiul afternoon mingling or relaxing with friends with your favorite beverage in our beer garden.

Enjoy a peaceful nights sleep in one of our newly refurbished rooms.

Our Bistro/ Restraunt is now open 7 days a week, for breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Our Menu has been completly updated and boasts a wide variety of meals avaliable. The desert menu has also be updated with a variety of deserts made at the local bakery at Holtermann's Corner Store.

We have accommodation available for singles, couples, families and groups. (sleeps up to 20 people)

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