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Hornsby Railway Hotel, HORNSBY, NSW

Hornsby Railway Hotel
Station & Coronation Streets
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The Hornsby Railway Hotel was built in 1888 by Martin Haydon who in those early colonial days catered for the Hornsby community and travelers alike with a “home away from home” character that reflected the traditional food and beverage of the time.

Not much has changed except today Hornsby has grown into a cosmopolitan city of it's own and with it has come a diverse population from international, interstate tourist and travelers to the senior corporate executive and the locals who all contribute to the present day character of this social and modern Hotel.

The Hotel was renovated in 2007 to encompass a growing demand for comfort and sophistication. The architects were given creative license which can be seen through out the Hotel but the biggest impact was in the addition of a restaurant that displays a masterpiece in modern restaurant design. Thing have changed dramatically since those early days; the Hotel still focuses on quality and a warm friendly atmosphere and provides a relaxed ambience. From the highest expectations of our restaurant guest to the energy driven Zen Night club our efforts to meet your highest expectations are our greatest achievement.

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