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Ivanhoe Hotel, IVANHOE, NSW

Ivanhoe Hotel
Columbus Street
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About Ivanhoe Hotel: 

Ivanhoe is a delightful village situated on the Cobb Highway 220 kilometres North West of Hay. The township provides visitors with a pleasant break to their journey in an Outback pastoral community. Friendly people, clean amenities, landscaped recreational areas and a self guided Heritage Trail enable visitors to enjoy a short break and gain an insight into the town's interesting past.
Drop into the Ivanhoe Hotel for some great outback hospitality, some friendly faces an some cold beer.

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Comments (2)

tanya1971's picture


The Ivanhoe Hotel has recently changed hands, new owners Peter and Tanya Lindberg have been enthusiastic about bringing the hotel into the 20th century with renovations currently underway. With a kitchen renovation in progress , they"ll soon be offering a pub style menu with homemade delicacies prepared by Chef Tanya, come and enjoy their hospitality in the new and improved surrounds. A beer garden will soon be available for summer time enjoyment, with an oasis in the desert style theme, accomodation is NOT available at this time, but coming soon. Overall a warm country atmosphere, with friendly and welcoming surrounds, well worth a stop , come and say G'day to Pete and the Friendly staff.

deborah's picture

deborah (not verified)

i just wanted to know if the owners of the ivanhoe hotel can email me as i grew up in ivanhoe and have a enquiry about some property of my familys that i would like returned.
i will explain all in the next email as soon as i know i am talking to the right people,

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