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Jannali Inn Hotel, JANNALI, NSW

Jannali Inn Hotel
34-38 Railway Crescent
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About Jannali Inn Hotel: 

Jannali Inn, where all Comets senior players and their mates are made welcome guests of Anthony.

Jannali Inn boasts a tremendously convivial atmosphere where patrons can simply unwind after a hard day’s work over a frosty ale or two. The ladies also enjoy the pleasant saloon area and outdoor area, and it’s a great place to just meet up after hitting the shops at Jannali or after the game. There’s a great function area known as Charlie Barkers upstairs, and of course their Bottle Shop offers a huge variety of beers, wines and spirits at competitive prices.

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Comments (3)

pat's picture

pat (not verified)

why are you canceling the monday night poker,
I have a group of 4 every monday..what the?....

Natalie Morris's picture

Natalie Morris (not verified)

Hi, I was hoping to book Charlie Barker's for a trivia night on the 12th May.
Could you please email me info on what I need to do for this

Narelle's picture

Narelle (not verified)

I am enquiring if your function area is available for a 21st on 11th February, 2012.
If so, could you please explain how catering etc works.


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