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Royal Mail Hotel, JERILDERIE, NSW

Royal Mail Hotel
22 Jerilderie Street
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(03)5886-1224 (03)5886-0124
About Royal Mail Hotel: 

At approximately 11am on Monday 10 February 1879 Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne - dressed in police uniforms and accompanied by Trooper Harry Richards - entered the front bar which at that time was located in the still extant single-storey section of the hotel, as well as the travellers' accommodation at the rear. Ned informed the hotel licensee Charles Cox that he required a room for a few hours to put the people in as they came along "for I have come here to stick up the Bank today."
Be held captive by the charm of the Royal Mail Hotel and take in a part of Australia's history, whilst enjoying a meal in the family friendly atmosphere of the pub Ned Kelly held captive for three days

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Comments (2)

Neil Anonymous's picture

Neil Anonymous (not verified)

A few of us had a meal (and l use that word loosely) at your hotel last Saturday night 17th Sept 2011 and l can say that it was the worst meal l and some of the others have ever had. And the service behind the bar wasn't much better to the extent that l could not be bothered to order any drinks.

David's picture

David (not verified)

Neil you must have been in the wrong pub (or inthe horrors) I have been eating and drinking at the Royal Mail for years cold beer and the best meals in town.

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