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Shindy's Inn Hotel, LOUTH, NSW

Shindy's Inn Hotel
Bloxham Street
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About Shindy's Inn Hotel: 

Shindy's Inn is the local hotel and, typical of these wonderful Outback pubs, is a great place at which to spend some time. Terrific meals, good company, the best potato chips for fifty kilometres around and much needed cold beer!

Inside Shindy’s Inn is just as impressive as outside with artefacts on the walls, photos, and memorabilia completing the picture. Outside there are several seats under shady trees and surrounded by the greenest of lawns.

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Comments (8)

Judy's picture

Judy (not verified)

With many thanks.My partner and his motorcycle hit the assistance was fantastic
Peter is still waiting in Broken Hill to be transported to a hospital for surgery
We will get out to pick up the gear
I will look forward to meting you.
Such great Aussie giving
Thanks Judy

Mary & Tony Walls (Guyra)'s picture

Mary & Tony Wal... (not verified)

What a great place to appear when one needs a well earned drink. Just love
the place. Great people and service. Excellent food and helpful information.
Have called in to the Pub everytime we have gone through on our annual
holidays. It seems to appear in our trip plans nearly every year. Thankyou.
Hope to see you soon again in 2012.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Have you got accommodation available for 8 people on Easter Saturday 6th April 2012?

Dennis Ratcliff's picture

Dennis Ratcliff (not verified)

what a great place!, free airport transfers, great cool frothy drinks, great meals, clean modern rooms, great hosts and good dogs.

Just a fabulous place to visit and stay awhile

Thank you to all at Louth

peter's picture

peter (not verified)

called in for a beer at easter 2010,camped over the river.fantastic outback garden.great locals..very freindly.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Becoming the prettiest outback pub in NSW. Great service from Kath and Dave. Great food, Ice cold beer and absolutely wonderful atmosphere very friendly locals always willing to help with local knowledge. Onespeed.

tracey smith nee  (elkin)'s picture

tracey smith ne... (not verified)

passing through late august early sept bound 4 perth tracey former from cobar father is snookie elkin thanking you await your reply

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