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Maryville Tavern, MARYVILLE, NSW

Maryville Tavern
71 Lewis Street
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About Maryville Tavern: 

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leslee.snelson.9's picture

Always wonderful

7 years 11 months ago

We have become regulars due to our love of Italian food, with every meal we have experienced 100% from the bar staff to the restaurant staff, we feel welcomed and satisfied with every meal from entrees to mains then to top it off the deserts are great value. We have enjoyed many lunches and dinner and look forward to our weekly visits. Newcastle's best kept secret Restaurant.


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Jo's picture

Jo (not verified)

I would be one of the most fussiest eaters in Newcastle, Maryville Taverns; food is good quality and at a really reasonable price, nice to go somewhere where the steamed veg are hot cooked correctly and still hold thier colour.. I eat there very regulry and have never had a bad meal yet....

I just have to disagree with ' A Disappointing Dinner' above. My experience is quite the opposite. My family and I used to eat regularly at the Maryville but had a couple of negative experiences under Angelo's management and haven't had a meal there for some time. We decided to give the new crew a go on Saturday and so glad we did. After a couple of drinks with the friendly locals in the bar, we were warmly welcomed into the restaurant and shown to our table. We began with a couple of serves of chilli prawns as a light entree for the 4 of us - fresh and delicious and not overcooked. I continued with the theme and ordered the Sizzling Seafood Platter from the specials menu. My daughter advised me to order a serve of rice as I wouldn't want to miss a drop of the lovely sauce -I'm glad I took her advice - delicious and the seafood was fresh and expertly cooked. My husband, not very hungry, just ordered a Ceasar Salad. Now this man eats this salad often and considers himself a good judge - he loved it. A huge serving, lashing of bacon pieces and topped with a lovely gooey egg mmmmm! To my memory my son-in-law had pork loin from the specials menu - can't be sure though as he scoffed the lot in no time - that should speak for itself!!! Again from the specials menu, my daughter ordered the chicken stuffed with provolone cheese and wrapped in pancetta - now how could she resist that? The chicken was succulent and the combination of flavours delightful. As for sides, veggies firm and flavoursome and salads crisp and fresh. . . efficient service, great prices . . what more could we ask for?
This has become a very popular venue for dinner and lunch and if you haven't tried it yet, take my advice and give it a go I know we'll be back soon.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

After a very disappointing encounter in the restaurant last night it is unlikely my friends and I all of whom are local residents, shall return. Italian food is about a little bit more than a bit of cream and garlic.

It was my first time eating at Maryville since Angelo's departure and sadly the deterioration was significant. I won't list my complaints because there are far too many however I will say if the chef can't at least serve fresh hot chips that arn't limpid and cold then there is very little hope for any other culinary expectation.

Oh and by the way, the touch of attitude at the end of the evening was most appreciated. The icing on the cake actually.

The locals should be your most important customer, being the majority of your clientel. Word travels fast!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

thank you

shelley's picture

shelley (not verified)

accommodation price for two adults and two children
accommodation price for two adults
approx booking time 14th November 2009/Saturday night

Mel's picture

Mel (not verified)

My young boys never thought to book dinner on Mothers Day, so when they took me to 3 different restaurants to discover one was closed and two were booked out, we were a little down until my oldest boy remembered the Maryville Tavern. The best choice in the end. The restaurant had plenty of room, the breads and salt and pepper squid for entree was amazing. The beef & mushroom pie my partner ordered was amazing. But the best thing was my meal. The chilli seafood risotto. You could taste the freshness in the seafood and the amount of seafood was awesome. A whole crab, squip and heavy handed on the prawns. I was so full i didn't want to stop eating as the taste was sensational. There were only two in the kitchen and they were fast, efficient and lovely men.
Thank you.
I love this little gem of a place.

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