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Victoria Hotel, MOONAN FLAT, NSW

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Mitchell Street
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About Victoria Hotel: 

Moonan Flat pub
The Pub at the bottom of the Tops - Barrington Tops
Est - 1849 Original Wine Shanty now Residence,frequented by Bush Ranger 'Thunderbolt' in Gold mining days.
extension now Hotel built 1895. is frequented by locals from the village, Toomulla, Glenrock, Elleston also travller's over to Barrington Tops & Glouster, bikers of all types most weekends.
Great atmoshere relaxing enviroment.
sit under the 40 year old pine Tree in the beer garden and enjoy a cold drink & a meal.
stroll across the swinging Bridge you might see some Platapus in the Hunter river the backs on to the Pub.

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Comments (6)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Filthy service ordered 2 bowls of chips sat there for 2 hours they kept telling us they will be ready soon will never be back

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Mate i was there that day there was about 60 people there for lunch, we waited 1 hour our meals were great and i am sure if you had of spoken to the owners they would have did something for you, they are great people and it is only a small pub but iam sure if you only wanted bowls of chips then you were there for the beauty of the place, its not sydney that's why we all go to places like that, the pub up the road Gundy they waited 3 hours for meals so mate get over it & remember why you wanted to go there in the first place.

Andy's picture

Andy (not verified)

Glad things are going well for the both of you i knew you would make a good go of the pub. I have had a fair few good times there and enjoyed many a good meal aswell as a few beers.
Take care and i'll come and see you again someday.


Kathy's picture

Kathy (not verified)

The Victoria Hotel Moonan Flat is under new ownership
new cook with great meals, pub offers a great rest for traverllers
Eftpos, ice, cold beer, comfortable accomodation, gas, fuel, craft shop
relax under the old pine tree enjoying a nice meal & cold drink meet the mew owners!

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