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Great Northern Hotel, NEWCASTLE, NSW

Great Northern Hotel - image 1
83-89 Scott Street
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The Lobby

Walking into the foyer, you are swept back to a time when bellboys hopped and cigarette girls ruled the day. Think art deco, 1930s vintage glam - Newy style! On one wall, a sweeping picture of Nobby's beach meets you with open arms; on the other, a portrait of ancestors hard at work in the shipyard remind you of the strong industrial soul of the city.

The Merchant Bar

Formerly known as “The Aboriginal Room” when it was built, the original 1930s art deco tribal carvings on the ceiling allude to Australia’s colonial days. Years ago, international merchant traders used to board at the Great Northern Hotel, selling everything from textiles to diamonds in the rooms above. In this bustling port city, they no doubt found comfort away from home in these warm surrounds.

The Boiler Bar

With the original boiler still in tact, this room has a strong industrial - but eclectic - feel. We are excited to be the only East End venue that hosts live, original music six nights a week.... in our short time since reopening, we've hosted some of the country's finest music talent along with some very talented international touring bands!

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