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Kuleto's Bar, NEWTOWN, NSW

Kuleto's Bar
157 King Street
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(02) 9519 6369
About Kuleto's Bar: 

The Hotel was established in 1877 as the Hampton Court Hotel, renamed the Milton Hotel in 1887 and has been trading as a hotel ever since.

In the early 1980's the name was changed to Cecchini', and when the current owner/licensee Donna Asensio purchased it in 1985 kept the name until she changed it to Kuleto's (rhymes with Stilleto's)a few years later. She named it after one of her favorite bars in Powell Street San Francisco.

As she chose not to install poker machines for moral and aesthetic reasons she has kept them out of the bar and has run it along the lines of a European style cocktail bar. She is now the longest serving Licensee in Newtown.

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