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Tollgate Hotel, PARRAMATTA, NSW

Tollgate Hotel
625 Church Street
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About Tollgate Hotel: 

The Tollgate Hotel Bistro has fast become known in the local area as a front runner in providing high quality food with excellent value for money, it has an

Exciting Front Bar
Lounge/ Bistro Bar
Bistro- Open Monday To Saturday with amazing specials

There's Something For Everybody
* 10 Big Screen TV's throughout
* All NRL Games televised
* All Championship Fights televised
* Pub-Tab in the front bar
* Raffles supporting local sporting & charity events

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Reviews (1)

Ian Slater's picture
Ian Slater

The PUB where the Manager & Licensee just don't care!

2 years 8 months ago

Seeing its location, it's not surprising the Tollgate gets a fair number of Locals dropping by and/or Tradies on their way home on Windsor Road (Church Street). But its definitely not because of service by the Bar Staff who have unfortunately just learned a poor service culture from the Manager & Licensee ... worst in North and Parramatta Area, and this is coming from a local who visits regularly, but probably not spending enough in their pokies to be taken seriously. That said food is reasonable, good priced and has plenty of parking. Bouncers also inherited arrogant culture and break all rules I have seen from the treatment all late-night visitors really disappointing and doesn't encourage you to come back, other than grab Kebabs available on way home nightly. Honestly, this is just a pub with a great location and I am sure even if the contracted Bristo could move they would ... but take it with a grain of salt, if you dont care about service this is PUB for you!


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