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Lewisham Hotel, PETERSHAM, NSW

Lewisham Hotel
794 Parramatta Road
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(02)09560 8768
About Lewisham Hotel: 

The all new Lewisham and Live House at Lewisham has got a fresh look and a new attitude. With the Live House at Lewisham there is music for every taste from Rock to Hip Hop to Punk and Metal. The pub and beer gardens play host to regulars and newbies alike who come for the cold beer, good food and great atmosphere. The lounge areas, bars and bistro are perfect for parties and functions and has the cheapest function venue hire in town. Whether youre a local or fresh to the scene, come down and meet us - we guarantee well have something you like.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

A suburban pub with three beer gardens

9 years 9 months ago

The end of my tram journey brought me to Parramatta Road and I knew that there would be a few pubs along here that I could explore. The first one, this one, I must admit was by far the best. They have three outdoor areas (though one of them is full of pokies, something that I find difficult to accept here because everywhere else I go seems to want to prevent people smoking and playing the pokies at the same time). What I admired the most was how friendly the staff were. I had a good old chat with the bartender about what constitutes the perfect head on a beer (regurgitating what I had learnt at the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam), and then when the poker guys appeared, I had another great conversation with one of them about the city (since we have both moved from a place with a small town mentality to a place where we can remain anonymous if we choose to).

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