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Blue Cattle Dog Hotel, ST MARYS, NSW

Blue Cattle Dog Hotel
Mamre Road
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+61 2 9670 3050
+61 2 9670 3198
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About Blue Cattle Dog Hotel: 

The Blue Cattle Dog Hotel has created an environment that caters to people from all walks of life who work, live or frequent St Clair and the area nearby.

With a large, family-friendly dining environment, multiple bars and state of the art TAB Sports Lounge plus our unique Barbershop, there really is no other venue like The Blue Cattle Dog Hotel.

If a getaway is what you’re after, Nightcap at Blue Cattle Dog Hotel boasts 34 recently renovated rooms with all the additions and facilities to ensure a comfortable stay.

So whether enjoying a meal with the family, an overdue catch up with mates, or simply enjoying an ice cold schooner while watching your favourite live sport, look no further than The Blue Cattle Dog Hotel.

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Comments (4)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

yeah, it needs improvement!
yeah, prices in the bar will go up. prices in the bottle shop should go down.
20 minutes for a beer! ouch!!
i dont think that all the managers there are that bad; asleep? pissed?
yeah, agree. not good to see it from the crowie days to now. but to call all of them grubs thats wrong

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

i really hope that woollies dont take this pub over, we (locals) know it needs a face lift but we dont want another colo or pioneer.
its a great pub we love our karaoke, lingerie girls, different bands every sat night and they started doing big cover bands evry month, they support the local footy side and the managers and staff are great!

woollies is just going to do a face lift and then forget about the locals, it will only be a money maker to them, there not going to care about the people who go there. stay the same

Ian's picture

Ian (not verified)

Yes the bottlo prices will go up - W0olies have now cornered liquor sales in St Clair area - however the disgusting greedy money hungry conglomorate that owned the jonit are the real pigs here. Since take-over not 1 cent has been spent on improvement or renovation. the only ependiture has been to maximise take out and reduce overheads at the cost of customer service and comfort. 8 to 10 year old tables and chairs & carpet not far behind. We have spent the summer without airconditioning (the temporary units INSIDE THE PUB now reek of stagnant water and puke). A smoko area in the pokie room where you can spend our pleasant rain sodden summer getting even wetter. I waited 20mins for a beer on Saturday nite because no-one except the bar manager could change the kegs and he wasn't to be found (bludging, pissed, asleep who knows!). I for one will be glad to see the grubs out of the place. I'll cast judgement on Woolies after i see what they do. To take this pub from what Crowie had built and have it reduced to the disgraceful state that it is now is a crime - very glad they're gone.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

woolies or no woolies. everyone would hate to see the character of the cattle dog be lost.
i know the day your talking about they had a cold chisel show on, the bar staff are too young with not much experience.
as for the manager that was on his just lazy, who walks around with his hands in his pocket (bludging, yes) and the licensee that was there but since has been moved on he should be ashamed of himself

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