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Cricketer's Arms Hotel, SURRY HILLS, NSW

Cricketer's Arms Hotel
106 Fitzroy Street
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About Cricketer's Arms Hotel: 

The Cricketers Arms is a Surry Hills institution; according to Nadz our Bar manager it was named originally after the first Aboriginal Cricket team to tour England, but that could be another tall that team was from Melbourne circa 1868. Close proximity to the Sydney Cricket Ground probably explains the traditional naming genesis of the Cricketers Arms Hotel. The Crix nonetheless has a rich history over the years from being a working class blokes pub to one of the first gay and lesbian bars during the 70's and 80's - it is the home away from home for a vast array of musicians, artists, film-makers, fringe dwellers, photographers, skateboarders, extreme sport distribution moguls, media professionals, intellectuals, public servants, sickness benefits recipients, academics, dole bludgers, tradies, bullshit artists, fabulous nobodies, students, designers, DJ's, hospitality workers and those who prefer to remain a mystery for nefarious reasons.

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