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Charlie Chan's Bar and Bottle Shop, SYDNEY, NSW

Charlie Chan's Bar and Bottle Shop
631-635 George Street
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About Charlie Chan's Bar and Bottle Shop: 

Charlie Chans Hotel is based in the heart of Sydney, on George Street. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with tasteful and comfortable surroundings, excellent modern & traditional cuisine, a huge range of beverages and friendly, competant staff. Whether you fancy a quick ice cold beer or a long lazy luch or dinner, come into Charlie Chans and sample our famous hospitality...

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Comments (2)

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Anonymous (not verified)

HI,tonight(23rd of dec) I just went to charie chan and I just went straight away at the back door of pub but I didn't see the security guard because he was sitting on the table (doesn't look like he's attending on his job) and he just scold and chased me out of pub ,,i was trying to tell him that I didn't see him at all but He was kind of annoyed me , he didn't listen to me at all!! and only chasing me!! so I dont think it'll make any good to your pub if you still hire this kind of this guy to be your security guard. it's the time between 3 pm. (he's the one that attend at the back door ,, he might be the youngest and tallest) hope you take my opinion into your hiring consideration, thanks!

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Anonymous (not verified)

Similar thing happened to me before too! I complained but nobody would listen to me. Disgusted with this place, will never go back.

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