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Civic Hotel, SYDNEY, NSW

Civic Hotel
Pitt & Goulburn Streets
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About Civic Hotel: 

The Civic, built in 1940, is proud of its heritage as a grand art deco architectural tribute to the Hotel industry. Despite being built in the depression of the 1930's, the Civic was designed and constructed to be one of the most physically impacting art deco buildings in Australia. The masterful way in which the art deco elements of space and volume, extensive use of windows and natural light, glass blocks and indirect lighting were employed in the creation of the Civic Hotel, and resulted in the classification of the building with the Heritage Council of Australia.

The Civic established its leadership in the hospitality and entertainment industry being the home of INXS, Midnight Oil, Mental as Anything and numerous other bands in the late 1970's. During the late 1980's and early 1990's the Civic ceased to operate as a Hotel. This was due to the development of the WORLD SQUARE complex whereby IPOH Pty Ltd. acquired the property and due to the recession it sat idle. During this time it was used as a backpackers Hostel, a flea market and eventually closed its doors.

CIVIC aims to provide you with a unique experience. The warmest service, innovative food and beverage menus of the highest standard in quality, classic and contemporary interiors and the best in entertainment.

CIVIC seeks to nurture the talent of artists on the rise, by providing a unique platform for public performance. Investment in the physical structure of CIVIC provides an environment of superior interiors, sound and lighting, creating an ambience important to the hospitality and entertainment community.

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