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Covent Garden Hotel, SYDNEY, NSW

Covent Garden Hotel
Dixon & Hay Streets
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About Covent Garden Hotel: 

Covent Garden Hotel is located in Sydney and is a part of the Australian-Chinese heritage list as an establishment since 1971. Enriched with history and culture, the Covent Garden Hotel is a landmark for the Australian community and is open to the public 7 days a week.

The Hotel is at a convenient walking distance from the CBD, Central Station, Darling Harbour, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centres and situated across from the Sydney Trams and Paddy's Market.

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Anonymous (not verified)

While my daughter and I were shopping in Chinatown last Sunday night, my husband decided to have a quiet beer while he waited for us.

His treatment by the person behind the bar of this hotel on Sunday 20 November at around 7.30 was apalling.

The person behind the bar spoke rudely, demanding to see his money before he would pour a beer and then insisted that my husband take his cap off? ???????.

So essentially he was treated like a hobo? For a decent clean living man who is an expert in his field and holds a very senior and high paid position this treatment was beyond comprehension.
Truly appaling - Give this place a miss!

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