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Minus 5, SYDNEY, NSW

Minus 5
Shop 18, East Circular Quay
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02 9251-0311
About Minus 5: 

The minus5 "Story"
The minus5 “story” can be traced back to the end of the 19th century, when intrepid New Zealand explorer and adventurer Buck Rockwell, set out on a daring one-man expedition to circumnavigate the North Pole.

When his icebreaker became trapped in the Arctic pack ice, he was forced to endure the winter in a remote whaling village with only the local fisherwomen and copious amounts of vodka to warm the long Arctic nights.

In 1908, Buck finally returned to New Zealand, bringing with him the story of his polar adventures and a taste for pure, ice cold vodka. His legacy has been passed through generations of Rockwells ever since. In 2003, his great-grandson, Craig Ling hit upon the idea of creating the world's very first sub-zero vodka bar

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