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Side Bar
Basement Level, 509 Pitt Street & 814 George Street
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About Side Bar: 

Our heritage-listed building is located at the corner of “the block”, the triangular backpacker ghetto of Sydney bordered by Pitt, George and Barlow streets. If you don’t know already, “the block” is where about 3000 of the hostel beds of Sydney are located. That means up to 3000 travellers on one block in Sydney on any one night of the year. That’s a lot of options.

There are no school nights for travellers. From cool cocktail Mondays to slamming Saturday sessions, the Side Bar has earned her stripes as the hub for Sydney's backpacker nightlife. Whether you are with us, or wanting to be with us, you will definitely be at the Side Bar. And we will be there to welcome you. So see you soon.

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Comments (2)

Tom12244's picture

Tom12244 (not verified)

Awful place to go out. Don't even waste your time at this place. Will kick you out for the most ridiculous reasons. Save your money and time and go somewhere else.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

On my first trip to Sydney we were welcomed by an invitation to visit Sidebar but unfortunately for us it was a unpleasant experience. On approaching the downstairs floor we were approached by two men selling drugs, not the first thing you want to experience, when we told security they were not interested and managers seem less interested in what we had to say.

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