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The Sussex Hotel, SYDNEY, NSW

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20 Sussex Street
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+61 2 9262 6988
+61 2 9262 2440
About The Sussex Hotel: 

Welcome to The Sussex Hotel, located at 20 Sussex Street Sydney in the heart of the new financial district on the western foreshore of the CBD.

What was once a historic Sydney wharfside hotel, The Sussex is now a multipurpose venue which has all the elements of a great pub with multiple bars, casual bistro, modern dining, outdoor courtyard, and lounge bars yet still maintaining that sense of history and character of an iconic local.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

One of my favourite pubs in Sydney

9 years 1 month ago

I remember when I first came across this pub. My brother and I had just arrived in Sydney and after unpacking our bags, we went for an exploratory walk around the city. We approached this pub from the west and it simply looked like a single story pub, so we went inside. Upon seeing the Thai restaurant we almost turned around and left when I noticed stairs going down, so we descended them to discover that the pub was built into the cliff face and there was a large leafy outdoor area.
I have since made at least one visit to this pub every time I come to Sydney (though there have been a couple of times that it has not been possible, especially when I had forgotten its name, and location). The food isn't bad, I ended up having a steak sandwich, and there is a nice assortment of beers on tap. However, if modern Australian is not your thing, there is always the Thai restaurant upstairs.

One of my favourite pubs in Sydney - review image 1

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