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Imperial Hotel, TAMWORTH, NSW

Imperial Hotel
Brisbane & Marius Streets
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About Imperial Hotel: 

Looking for place to relax. Maybe you want to get together with friends and party! Well then, checkout what’s on in Studio 181 or how about visiting Tamworth’s newest Restaurant in “Elio’s”. We even have their complete menu listing available.

Locally known as “The Impy”, the Imperial Hotel is a great place to go for a relaxing drink or a complete night out.

The Impy has attracted a following among those enjoying a great night out or a fantastic meal. We also have a large open air sitting areas with overhead sailed shading, which makes for a great place to enjoy yourself in an indoor/outdoor environment.

This is a great place to be when the suns out and the fresh air outdoors makes for very comfortable seating. The outdoor area is also utalised in some of our open air concerts.

Call in today and meet the friendly staff and enjoy the faciitlies The Imperial Hotel has to offer.

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Don't beleive the other comment (owners) it's for teenagers and people who go out looking for fight,

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