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Exchange Hotel, TAREE, NSW

Exchange Hotel
154 Victoria Street
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About Exchange Hotel: 

Located centrally in Taree this extensively refurnished heritage hotel offers budget accommodation. Quality meals in Plates Restaurant. Close by to shops, business area, park and river. Entertainment in the waterfront room on occasions.
Number of Rooms 20

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Reviews (1)

Market Research Co.'s picture
Market Research Co.

Poor Form

5 years 2 weeks ago

I write this review with distaste I'm my mouth from the attitude of the staff working 16/5/15 around 7.30pm behind the bar.
After having a delicous T-bone steak in the pubs restaurant where I was treated with respect and a happy attitude I decide to head next door and play the pokies whilst having a beer with a mate.
All went well on the first machine..I called for the man behind the bar to register my winnings and pay me out. After signing the payout form he gave me cash, but was short 65c. When questioned he advised that it was generally rounded off and with what looked to be a little unsettlement on his behalf gave me my 65c.
I let this go and thought maybe people do this around here and he just expected everyone would do the same.
The problem for me was when on my secound win the girl behind the bar who gave me the sign off sheet decided to show her sarcastic flare(which is definetely a weak persons trait) and say to me "I guess you want the 20c".
Hahaha I thought. I'm now the laugh behind the bar as I asked for my 65c.
I said yes of course. I received my monies with her last words being something along the lines of ...there's your 20c.
I don't think she realises that I pay her wage like every other customer and that our complaints not only effect her, but the business as a whole
I run my own business and understand that customers pay my wage and make it possible for me to enjoy the lifestyle I have.
Poor form or is it the norm to steal money from customers.
I doubt she would like it if the local supermarket did it to her.
All that great food and service to be tainted by an employee next door working the bar.


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