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The Stables, WEE JASPER, NSW

The Stables
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About The Stables: 

The Stables Tavern offers beer on tap, counter meals, a restaurant and accommodation for all budgets.

Only an hour or so from Canberra, Tumut or Yass, a visit to Wee Jasper is a great way to spend a day, a weekend or even longer.

The Stables Tavern is a popular destination for families and friends, social groups, clubs and rallies. The road to to Wee Jasper is a favourite of motoring enthusiasts, motor cyclists, road cyclists and mountain bikers.

The Wee Jasper valley is a terrific getaway for not only the adventurous but also for those just looking to get away from it all.

Come in, pull up a pew, prop up the bar and have a coldie. Get to know the locals and share some good times with family and friends.

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Reviews (2)

resteasy's picture


2 years 3 months ago

this put has been closed for several years

Cecelia well seasoned traveller's picture
Cecelia well se...

Amazingly Inviting

6 years 3 months ago

This hotel is set in one of the most stunningly beautiful and peaceful settings, I as a younger years Australian faithful gypsy have ever come across,And believe me i have traveled many wonderful miles in all states of this beautiful country of ours and would never of believed this if told of the beauty found in the south west region of nsw if I had'nt stumbled into it by chance whilst on a 2 day camp out with my children for the New Year.
The hotel and grounds are breathtaking, Sporting an old sandstone pub with an open area off one side built from the most beautiful timber with timber tables and chairs and alongside this,A historic but well kept dinning room with slate tile floors which resembles an old tea room boasting the knittings and other beautiful hand crafts made by some of the very talented locals.
My children range from the ages of 30 years to my youngest being just 5 years and we were all warmly greeted by the very animated,Hotelier/ publican Deborah who owner operates the establishment and as I told Deborah before we left for the trip home.... She is a bloody machine... One of the most hard working, multi talented, funny women i have ever met and the reviews on this site or should i say comments who without a doubt have been added by some of the nasty, small minded locals who have done nothing to welcome and encourage Deborah to succeed and become a part of this beautiful community but instead have physically assaulted, robbed and made allegations about to the local police, Community and tourists alike... We were warned of this poorly stocked tavern that would have nothing we were in need of by one of the head rangers at the park we stayed at !!!!!!!! Go Figure Buddy ????cause as it turned out it was exactly what we needed to make our trip enjoyable and yes very bloody memorable. The best tap beer we had ever tasted she sprooked ..... and it was not a lie, The home made pizzas and top quality brand pies dished up to ourselves many tourists were second to none..
I would recommend the stables tavern and Barbaras hospitality to anyone looking for a holiday experience of a difference and would sum it up as a place where memories and friendships are made.
Thank you Barbara, We will definitely be back and will be bringing many with us,,,
Cecelia and Family


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