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Club House Hotel, WELLINGTON, NSW

Club House Hotel
Lee & Warne Streets
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About Club House Hotel: 

Great food, fresh cold beer and a warm warm welcome. Best beer garden within cooeeeeeee

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Comments (3)

The Tree of Knowledge's picture

The Tree of Kno... (not verified)

Anonymous 13/3/2012 must be the one full of sh^t because I stayed at the Club House Hotel in Wellington in March 2011 and I agree with the comments of Mark 13/05/2011 100% as to the cleanliness of the hotel especially the accommodation upstairs,the food quality and the attitude of the staff and management when a complaint is made. Everything deteriorated after the previous publican Les Lee left. If it is closed it is about 4 or 5 years too late.

mark's picture

mark (not verified)

what a terrible experience walking into this pub it smells like it hasnt been cleaned for yrs the food was off the lady that cooked the meal walked out into restaurant when complained about the steak been off and and told us nothing wrong with it.her appearance was grubby the health inspectors need to look at this pub and close it

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Hasnt been open for a couple of years so your review cant be valid. Must have been another pub or you are full of S*^t.

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