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Winston Hills Hotel, WINSTON HILLS, NSW

Winston Hills Hotel
Caroline Chisholm Drive & Junction Street
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About Winston Hills Hotel: 

The Winston has been awarded the prestigious "Hotel of the Year" in the AHA NSW Awards for Excellence 2008. The award is judged on all facets of the business and The Winston has proved it is one of the best overall hotel experiences in Sydney. The hotel was also awarded "Casual Dining Hotel of the Year". Congratulations and thank you to all staff and patrons who have helped make this great achievement possible!

The hotel has undergone major renovations and has brought a new level of hospitality to the area. The new design was created by SJB Interiors. The hotel is inspired by the relaxed spirit and the laid back lifestyle of the area. With modern styling and naturally inspired materials the spaces are extremely relaxing, inviting and fresh, but they still hold the hospitality and character of a classic hotel.

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