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Grove Hill Heritage, ADELAIDE RIVER, NT

Grove Hill Heritage
Grove Hill Road Grove Hill Siding
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08 8978 2489
08 8978 2489
About Grove Hill Heritage: 

The Grove Hill Heritage Hotel and Museum, located in Grove Hill, is the original hotel situated on the old stretch of the Stuart Highway and North Australia Railway. The hotel offers home cooked meals, friendly service, free camping and caravan sites and airconditioned demountable rooms.

The hotel and museum are an example of ingenuity through the use of recycled materials for the construction of a residence and commercial building. It demonstrates the re-use of materials during the period of the depression, when cash and building materials were in short supply. It is also an example of a metal framed structure in which various design elements were included to specifically deal with the tropical climate. Explore the area venturing to the old mines and Crystal Hill where you can fossick for crystals or buy a piece of the Grove Hill history in the form of a gold nugget.Accommodation types

* Hotel
* Caravan/Camping
* Camping Ground
* Caravan Park

Property facilities

* Bar
* BBQ Facilities
* Car park
* Entertainment
* Games/Recreation Room
* Ice
* Kiosk
* Laundry
* Public Telephone
* Shop
* Spa

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Comments (3)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I was just wondering if there is Telstra 3G service out there?? Would be much appreciated if you could let me know, planning a trip out there :)

Lu's picture

Lu (not verified)

Yes there is telstra 3G service.

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