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Daley Waters Historic Pub, DALEY WATERS, NT

Daley Waters Historic  Pub
Stuart Street
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+61 8 8975 9927
+61 8 8975 9982
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About Daley Waters Historic Pub: 

The Daly Waters Pub has a reputation as a friendly outback country pub where people from all walks of life and any country in the world can get together and enjoy a laugh and a cold drink together. Many patrons leave their mark in the pub for their friends and countrymen in the form of flags, currency, ID cards and anything else they might be carrying on their journey. The multi-national feel of the pub includes staff behind the bar as well as those people on the 'good side of the bar'. Travellers share stories of their journey and their lives with each other and quickly form friendships with people they may not have otherwise met. In short, it is a great place to hang out, relax and meet interesting people.

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Harvey Dixon's picture

Harvey Dixon (not verified)

was at daley waters 1969 with my brother TED DIXON ex propriortor of FREWENA roadhouse

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