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Aspley Hotel, ASPLEY, QLD

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The Aspley Hotel is famous for cold beer, great food & hospitality! A Brisbane Icon offering a choice of bars, bistro, gaming & Keno, TAB and functions catering. Visit our Cellars or drop in through our Drive Thru for quick service.
General Information
Come enjoy the local atmosphere with great counter lunches, TAB, KENO, and fox sports for all your live action. We have fun bar promotions, live music, huge raffles and Pool and Dart comps. All in the fun comfortable sports bar where everyone has a great time.

Dine in our air-conditioned restaurant or on our built in terrace. Great for summers and heated for the winters it is a great place to cat
ch up with friends and family. Let our chef tantalize your taste bubs with our delightful and mouth watering menu. You can dine with the best seafood and juicy steaks but not forgetting our chefs specials of the day, simply food at its best. So come dine in our beautiful setting at the Terrace Restaurant.

A relaxing gaming lounge with free Coffee and Tea with condiments you will think you are at home. Boasting 40 of the latest and some of your favorite machines, there is a machine for you to enjoy and fingers crossed you strike it rich. Become a member of the Aspley Hotel and you could win big money in our Members draw and promos every week.

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Please note - updated review (No longer a socially irresponsible establishment)

5 years 7 months ago

This review is about the kind of establishment this is, given its claim to be family-friendly. My friend went to the men's bathroom at the Aspley Hotel when he visited a couple of weeks ago. He took a photo of a vending machine in there selling "wipe on sex appeal". He raised his concerns with me about the impression he felt it gave men when they went into the bathroom. As a result of his concerns, and my agreement with those concerns, I wrote to the Aspley Hotel, to ask them to withdraw from supplying this type of product due to our belief that the way it is marketed encourages the culture of violence (particularly sexual violence) against women. They responded, dismissing the concerns raised and advising they did not agree that this type of marketing encourages sexual violence against women. They argued that this product sits alongside condoms in the vending machine and it is no different. However, this product is not like condoms which are marketed in public bathrooms in the interests of public health. The implication of the way this is product is marketed is that women will be sexually attracted to the man that buys it, creating the expectation that the man will get sex.That makes it an adult product which should be restricted to licensed adult shops where people expect to see these types of products, rather than being found randomly in a local family hotel, in a bathroom that people under the age of 18 use. In its refusal to look at the bigger picture of how this type of product contributes to the toxic culture we are all trying to deal with that encourages violence against women, I do not believe the Aspley Hotel is exercising adequate social responsibility. Blend this attitude with the unpredictable effect of the alcohol it serves to individuals, I believe this poses an unacceptable risk to women and families who enter, and I cannot recommend it as a suitable venue to go to.

Postscript 13 July 2018. I have changed my rating of this establishment from 1 to 4. While the management at Aspley Hotel dismissed my concerns when I raised them, the owners of the hotel did not. I received a commitment to remove this product and a commitment to continue to review the type of products that are made available in their venues, with a view to managing their social responsibility. Thank you for being part of the solution and helping us all the manage the challenges of our community.

Please note - updated review (No longer a socially irresponsible establishment) - review image 1

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