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Banana Hotel Motel, BANANA, QLD

Banana Hotel Motel
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+61 7 4995 7232
(07) 4995 7889
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About Banana Hotel Motel: 

An unusual name with plenty of character is the best way to describe Banana. Located 45 kilometres west of Biloela on the junction of Gorges Way and the Leichhardt Highway, it is a popular ‘truckies’ stop where fairdinkum service with a smile is guaranteed.
The Banana Hotel and Restaurant is a popular eating place and ‘watering hole’ offering friendly, good old rural hospitality.
This historic town derives its name from a huge sun coloured bullock named Banana that was used as a decoy to lead wild cattle to pens. After Banana’s death his body was taken to a nearby gully that became known as Banana’s Gully. In 1880 the Shire was named after the town.

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Comments (2)

eone eone willy oscar's picture

eone eone willy... (not verified)

I am a young Cameroonian of 22, I am looking for a job in your country, I would like a new experience, I can work in the cook, service, catering, banquet, dips, security, hosting
I speak French and English
I am available at any time
I wish I had an employer for a period of 1 year
thank you for making me a sign
Eone Eone willy oscar

Name: Eone Eone
Name: Willy Oscar
Date and place of birth: 13/01/1990
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 1.82m
Address: PO Box 825 Yaound? Cameroon. Central Hospital (Biology) c / o Christine Tchiegang
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Tel .0023775887820
Country: Cameroon
City: Yaound?
Language speak: French, English
Vocational training: hotel and restaurant (Chef Aid, Service, Banquet, Catering Service, Dive, stock management, security, hosting)
Experience: Three years
Active: An active member of the association of BAPOUMBA III (work in educating young people about STDs,
Recreation: Sports
Marital status: single

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

My wife has just phoned me and informed me of the problem she is having trying to solve the airconditioner saga.
After informing staff of the problem all that is happening is she being told a load of BS that the aircon needs to be operating for a period of time approx 20 mins and the room next door has the same problem.
Come on people get it right the old saying the customer is always right you don't have to treat people like they don't have a reason to complain why not fix the problem and if not able to offer some form of compensation.It shows that you have the integrity to say sorry not just come out with a load of BS just to cover your ass . I am sure if you where in the same situation you would feel as if you are being ripped off and treated as a fool .

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