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Shakespeare Hotel - Barcaldine, BARCALDINE, QLD

Shakespeare Hotel - Barcaldine
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The Shakespeare Hotel

The Shakespeare Hotel on the corner of Oak and Beech Streets Barcaldine is an excellent choice for travelers in the outback who are looking for budget accommodation. Single, double and family rooms are available. Showers are provided in some of the newly renovated rooms. Also available are 2 self contained motel units on the grounds of the Hotel.

The public bar is decked with photographs, murals, coloured lights, pennants and football heroes. Certainly a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a nice cold drink whilst taking a look around.

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Comments (3)

uktraveller's picture


Went to stay at this hotel in Nov 2012 but quickly went elsewhere after speaking to the staff. NO FOOD and NO ROOMS !!
Staff at the hotel were NOT very friendly but after speaking to a lady at the local supermarket who claims the ceilings had fallen down in the upstairs accomodation we understood why the lady behind the bar was cranky.
Ended up staying at the Union Hotel down the road......This was nice and comfortable and the owners seems happy to accomodate our stay. Recommend the UNION Hotel !!

Matt's picture

Matt (not verified)

Dear UK Traveller, if you went to this pub in Nov 2012 you were there at the very worst time. apart from no beds and no food you would have also noticed that there was hardly anything there at all. it was the same when i called in around the same time last year. i too spoke to alot of the locals but not one of them mentioned ceilings to me.
i have since been back and this pub is now better than ever, new freindly management , beds and great food too. as for the ceilings, they all looked perfectly fine to me. Do yourself a favour, go back and see how really great it is now.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I stayed at this pub almost a week ago now and the rooms were horrible, over priced and over crowded with beds and the food was disgusting! they really need to do some work to this place or they'll most likely be shut down!

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