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Commercial Hotel, CORDALBA, QLD

Commercial Hotel
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About Commercial Hotel: 

Queen Street, Cordalba.

While we went in, there was no one around, and we missed Cordalba's star attraction:

"In the heart of sugar cane plantation country, 13km north-west of Childers and 40km south of Bundaberg, is the quaint town of Cordalba. The subject of an artist's attention still keeps watch over the public bar of the local pub. When fully clothed, the model, Maude Sheehan, once actually ran the place.

Maude was amply built and famous for her fiery red hair, which matched an easily aroused temper. Legend has it that on one occasion Maude kicked off a troublemaker, who returned the following day, this time riding his horse into the bar. Incensed at the intrusion, Maude punched the horse between the eyes, bringing both horse and rider to the floor. Maude's nude portrait hangs alongside a rare early Marilyn Monroe poster, which was retrieved from the town's rubbish dump.
It is worth making a deviation off the Isis Highway. Apart from the 'cultural' experience at the hotel, the whole town is an attraction in itself. These days, there is just the one hotel, whereas in the 1970s Cordalba had seven, prior to a 'spate of bad luck' with fire." From

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Roz (not verified)

My great grandfather built this hotel in 1895. It suffered a fire, and was rebuilt later by the next owner.

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