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Three Rivers Hotel, GREENVALE, QLD

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(07) 4788 4222
About Three Rivers Hotel: 

Written by Stan Coster and made famous by the Slim
Dusty ballad, the original “Three Rivers Hotel” was a
makeshift watering hole created by workers on the
Townsville/Greenvale railway line in the 1970s. The
Greenvale pub boasts a monument to both men and
lots of background on the railway construction.

The Three Rivers Hotel is a friendly, family-run pub that offers meals 7 days a week and motel accommodation. Take time to enjoy the
abundant birdlife in the area.

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Comments (1)

Dear Sir,
A few years ago, I drove from Mt Garnet along the Gunnawarra road thru to Greenvale passing quite a few cattle stations. I crossed the Burdekin R some km from Greenvale in my 4 x 4 - the crossing was sandy with water running but at that time it was quite ok to cross.
I wondered if that same xing was being used, and if so, is it trafficable at this time of year for a 4x4 vehicle ?? Are locals and travellers using it to cross the Burdekin at this time ??
I would appreciate if you could inform me if this xing is still being used and if so, what is its condition ??
Many thanks,
Ron Jennings
[email protected]

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