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Gannons Hotel, JULIA CREEK, QLD

Gannons Hotel
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About Gannons Hotel: 

The original hotel was built in 1925 but burnt down in 1930. The present hotel was built in 1932, by Mr and Mrs Bill Gannon. The Gannons resided in the shire for 50 years, and the hotel still bears their name. Featured in the movie of Neville Shute's "A Town Like Alice" filmed in 1956, Gannons had its moment in the world spotlight. Julia Creek is a major service town for the Gulf cattle industry, and is a major rail trucking centre in the north west of Queensland , handling around 48,000 head of cattle annually.

The Hotel has 2 bars with takeaway liquor section
TAB, Keno, Poker Machines

Meals: 7 nights a week in the bar or dining roorn

counter lunches available except on Sunday

The menu features best steak available from Teys Certified Angus and Wyagu brands.

There are 12 Air-conditioned rooms with coffee and tea making facilities and Excellent off street parking facilities.

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Comments (2)

Olivia Thompson's picture

Olivia Thompson (not verified)

Thank you for your comments Ken Hall. Bill Gannon was my grandfather, and he looked after so many people over the years. He would always take in and/or look after people in need, and every Christmas would provide free dinner to anyone who needed it. He would also provide them with clean clothes if required. It is so lovely that to this day his name lives on. We are very proud of him, and that his name lives on in the West. He certainly deserves it.
Olivia Thompson

In 1957 nothing like to day Julia Creek was a wild town. Just looking at someone would lead to a fight. While living around the town of Julia Creek I got very sick the owner of the Gannons Hotel took me in and really saved my life. You can read this in my book “What Next You Bastard” funny thing I was thousands of miles from my home in Brisbane, at this time I did not know Mr. Gannons knew my mother and kept her up to date on my welfare. A small world we live in. I still enjoy having a beer at Gannons Hotel. Author Ken Hall

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