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Kabra Hotel, KABRA, QLD

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(07) 4933 1207
About Kabra Hotel: 

Great meals, friendly service at an affordable price, as the motto goes "The Best Grub In The Scrub".

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Comments (4)

Wawny's picture

Wawny (not verified)

I had a mixed grill there and the size was huge and great value. It was all cooked as I asked for and had no complaints.A great 'Pub' meal.

"I'll be back"

Anon's picture

Anon (not verified)

Not the Best grub in the Scrub!!!!!!!
The Food is awful and horribly overpriced!!!!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

New management. Went there a couple weeks ago. Food is AMAZING!! Huge meals for great prices!! Getting takeaway dinner from there tonight. Looking for an online menu atm

paul k's picture

paul k (not verified)

pizza menu please

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