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Country Life Hotel, KIN KIN, QLD

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+61 7 5485 4103
About Country Life Hotel: 

A fabulous historic hotel with a long connection to the timber industry.Just inland from Noosa it's well worth a visit for the country hospitality and the museum like interior of the pub.

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Comments (3)

ALEX's picture

ALEX (not verified)

I stayed at Kin Kin Pub yesterday .
We found the Managering couple and staff to be very very friendly and very accommodating. The rooms , sheets and bathrooms were very very clean . It was a relaxing atmosphere.
The food was fantastic. Jenny one of the managers cooks a great hamburger and I had 2 with her cooked just right rissoles. The beer garden has a lovely and relaxing atmosphere. The managers made us feel right at home and we felt like we were staying with family. We loved my stay there and we will stay again. I had nice stay there.
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Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Was at the Kin Kin a little before those floods swamped the place.
Great pub with great atmosphere but had some band called Native Antlers who I found to be very irritating with their tripe J styled grunge rock.
Their show was very weak and very unprofessional.
When I am passing through again I'll make sure there's a good band playing before I drop in.
But a great aussie pub.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

this pub often has a lousy band called the neutered aliens or something playing there. Absolutely terrible.

otherwise its ok.

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