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Queensland National Hotel, LAIDLEY, QLD

Queensland National Hotel
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(07) 5465 1512
About Queensland National Hotel: 

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Comments (5)

Melissa's picture

Melissa (not verified)

We go to this pub at least once a week the food is awesome especially the hot n cold seafood plate just sensational :)))

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

When one of the meals at our table came out with raw vegetables and an undercooked steak, I was very disappointed that Liz the owner, said she would burn the steak - and she did.

Yes we've had a bad week in Laidley - but at least you are still in business - which is more than can be said for some businesses in town.

Shame on you. It could be time to get out of the 'customer service' business - or stay at home and let your terrific staff do what they do best.

Jessica's picture

Jessica (not verified)

This is our favorite pub, we go here all the time for dinner! The meals are amazing, HUGE and so yummy. Have not found another pub with better food in the area... The staff are so nice and friendly all the time, like the other comments mention, they remember our names and our orders and its always clean! Really great pub!

Trevor's picture

Trevor (not verified)

This hotel is the best and cleanest pub we have been to for some time. Full credit must go to the cleaner!

Bub's picture

Bub (not verified)

This is one of the best hotels I have been too in the entire south east!

The staff are knowledgable and even though we only visit once a month they all know our names and remember our regular order. Alot of time and effort has been put into the revamping of this venue and the staff by Liz, none of it has gone un-noticed.

The meals are sensational (which is a genuine under statement!) and the staff in the kitchen always do thier best to make sure our dietary needs are catered to and our meals get to us in an acceptable time frame and piping hot like a real country meal should be.

Decore in the dining and gaming rooms are modern with just enough of a rustic feel to make it seem personable and the gents in the bar seem to enjoy themselves having a yarn when we come in for lunch or dinner.

Many stories to be shared from all the patrons and there is no sense of uncomfortability or a doubt in our minds that we won't come back.

Thank you to Liz and all her staff at the Queensland National for giving me and my family something to look forward to every month. A step above the rest!!!

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