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Shamrock Hotel, MARYBOROUGH, QLD

Shamrock Hotel
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(07) 4121 3217
About Shamrock Hotel: 

Shamrock Hotel offers great pub style meals and accommodation. Pop in for a drink. Open 7 Days, 10 am - late.
Irish Pub

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Reviews (1)

amy.l.tickner's picture


7 years 4 months ago

If you have seen an advertisement or been offered a job at the shamrock hotel maryborough, first of all well done for doing your research first! And secondly DONT DO IT. Paul, the owner will tell you anything you want to hear to get you there. He will tell you no more than 40 hours a week for a set wage and food and accommodation. He will have you working well over 50 hours a week and not pay you any extra. He will bully you, have you cleaning toilets on your days off and will never pay you when he says he will. He's a nasty piece of work who doesn't care about anyone/thing else!!! The free food is also a complete lie and the accommodation is DISGUSTING (cockroaches, dirt, pubes etc). No matter how desperate you are DONT GO AND WORK THERE!!! Speaking from experience you will regret it!!!

Comments (4)

ted's picture

ted (not verified)

i had the worst meal in a long time here. manager didnt seem to care, was to busy drinking and bullying his staff.

aoki's picture

aoki (not verified)

Had a $7.70 glass of kilkenny, tasted bad, maybe they dont clean the lines. I have had this beer all over the world but here the most expensive and unenjoyable. Also saw a woman in the restaurant get very ill after eating her meal, best avoid this place.

Rob Balzer's picture

Rob Balzer (not verified)

What a superb Irish Pub ! Had a great lunch there. All very friendly and great atmosphere

Naomi 's picture

Naomi (not verified)

Great atmosphere, food & service. I was up from Brisbane for the weekend & loved our lunch! Feels just like Ireland, can't wait to
come back!

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