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Exchange Hotel, MUTTABURRA, QLD

Exchange Hotel
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+61 7 4658 7125
+61 7 4658 7125
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The Exchange Hotel was originally built in 1899 by TJ McCarthy and was the first 2 storey pub in Muttaburra.

This pub sadly burnt down in 1933 and TJ built a new Exchange Hotel on the same spot.

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Comments (7)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anyone know the name of the guy that drove into the Muttaburra Pub back in the late 1970's early 1980's?? Was apparently a shearer. this was the result of an arguement. Please share any info on this story as it's for family history. Cheers.

Douglas's picture

Douglas (not verified)

forgot to say it was 1984

Douglas's picture

Douglas (not verified)

I Was walking to the pub that night when i saw the car come reving past my street
it veered of the main road hit the power pole and ended up inside the pub on top of the ladies toilet.Lucky the shearers ball was on that night and most of the people
were over the hall.and lucky for him the local policeman turned up for he was about to get a touchup.He was not local and he was not a shearer .He was in the pub earlier argueing with his wife/girlfriend thats when he left her there jumped in his car and drove out of town then turned around to pick up speed and drove into the pub to try and kill his wife/girlfriend who was still drinking at the bar.

vicki aramoana's picture

vicki aramoana (not verified)

hello to all the people nfrom's been quite some time since i've talked about i had some good times there met some awsome people,memorable years.i wuld luv 2 go there one more time because i have never had the same experience in any other places as i had there.i take off my hat,to everyone who live's in the outback's of aussie.only place i can remember tj\he bright orangesunset million's of stars and the beautiful auroa of it all.people say the outbacks of aussie is just dirt and dust but they are just people who haven't experienced it.i hope anyone who is reading this agrees or say's let's go out and findout for ourslves. a big hello to u all

Scootmanoeuvre's picture

Scootmanoeuvre (not verified)

I spent 6 months in Muttaburra had a ball everytime I went to the pub or anywhere else in the town that was goin on,very friendly people an great food.. I'm goin back soon ,look out here i come.....Cya there...Scoot

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