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Royal George Hotel, ROSEWOOD, QLD

Royal George Hotel
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07 5464 1105
About Royal George Hotel: 

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Do you own or manage this Pub? You can edit this Pub by requesting editing access or logging in if you already have editing access.

Reviews (1)

Malcolm Mcgeaieer's picture
Malcolm Mcgeaieer

How much is a room to rent out for my girlfriend ho is homeless

1 year 8 months ago

My girlfriend is homeless and she beeds a room to stay in to how much is the rant can u please let me know think u


Comments (6)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Well we stopped here on our way through rosewood and couldnt fault the place.We had a lovely meal and were all very polite and friendly,It was a very welcome meal break on a long journey. Mrs.J.Watt.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

the royal george now has all new staff members who work well together and have put a whole new feel to the place, it now also has two chefs who have taken the food from standard to exceptional and are always welcome to comments about the food to keep making it better for the customers.

I did not have one complaint about the staff members or how the pub is run, my hubb and i had a great meal there and now go back once a week.

I would recommend to anyone to give this place a try now they have re-vamped all the previous issues.


Collette Radley's picture

Collette Radley (not verified)

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Collette I am a trainee chef 2nd year.
I am emailing to see if you have any positions for a 2nd year chef.
I would love to email you my CV for you to look at I was working at Rising Sun but due to them not having the funds for a trainee chef and having no head chef or hours for myself they had to let me go.
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Collette Radley
0450 366 832

jonny's picture

jonny (not verified)

my wife and i went there while staying in rosewood over the easter break the sign said new chef new menu ,so we went for dinner the meals were over priced ,staff looked like they jus got out of rehab,meals were tasteless and under cooked.
can of baked beans would of taste better than the food there................

Steve's picture

Steve (not verified)

Think twice about visiting this pub. My wife and I went there the other day for a meal, and left with a bad taste in our mouths.

Sure, the food was OK for pub food, but the service/staff were apalling. The bar tender looked like she wished she were doing anything other than slowly serving us; the manager spent her time swearing and ranting in front of the staff and other patrons (at one point she called the owner a "stupid old b***h" behind her back); and the people we took to be the owners... Well, the older lady spend most of her time running around like an ineffectual headless chook, and her husband spent his time topping his beer glass up from the tap and hugging the female bar tender.

All in all, we felt like there was a lot of staffing issues that occupied everyones' time, and we, the paying customers, felt like we were an unwanted intrusion into their domestic problems.

Luckily we don't pass through Rosewood too often, but next time we will definitely be going to one of the other pubs. Heck, even food from the local supermarket eaten in the car would be preferable!

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